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21 June 2011 @ 04:25 pm
Happy 21st Birthday KEI INOO!!!  
Happy 21st Birthday KEI INOO!!!

everyone's celebrating i guess... (warau)

of course...it's Inoo Kei's special day!!!

the prettiest guy of Hey! Say! JUMP...neeh?

i really really adore this guy...not just because of his pretty face. he's kind, he's smart (being a university student is no joke, eh!?) i'm amazed that he can manage to study and be a celebrity at the same time.

and he's also funny~ there's something about him... even with just few words, he can turn those into jokes... i'm always amused by him...he really do a lot of things (in Yan Yan Jump)!!

demo~ he still have this mysterious character...sometimes, i really can't figure out what's on his mind... sometimes he's too quiet... then suddenly he would talk unstoppable~ nah....nah....

i really love him~.....!!!!!

to kei-kun...

i hope you will continue doing your best in everything you do... keep doing what you love... keep doing those things that can bring you true happiness... we (though we are just your fans) strongly believe that you'll be able to reach your dreams. everyone really loves you...please take care,..always....

one last thing...i made a simple gift for Kei-kun's birthday..

i'm not really good at these things demo...i really made it with all my heart...sou~ douzo..!


watch here

♥more subbed videos and performance♥