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Maan Balcita
Since I lose count of my previous Video Subbed Projects, hora I am back at one hahah  :D
Btw, i'm trying to watch all the PVs in my hard drive and decided to make subbed version for those raw vids. :)
Since I really really love this soundtrack, and Ao Haru Ride Movie as well, douzo~  :)


Title:キラリ (Kirari, Twinkle)
Artist: いきものがかり (Ikimonogatari)
Album: Fun! Fun! Fanfare! (#05)
Release Date: 24 December 2014
(Soundtrack for the Movie "Ao Haru Ride" / Blue Spring Ride)

download here
highlight here for decryption key
Maan Balcita
28 May 2017 @ 01:58 am
Recently, I had tried to re-learn a bit of soft and hardsubbing.
Nice timing! Since I am loving Kame and Yamapi's recent PV.
The two of them are really adorable, but I really fell hard for Yamapi. He's just so perfect.
So here it goes~

Title: 背中越しのチャンス (Senaka Goshi no Chance)
Artist: 亀と山P (Kame to YamaPi)
Release Date: 17 May 2017
(NTV Thursday Drama "Boku, Unmei No Hito Desu" Theme Song)


watch here or download here -> highlight for decryption key: !OK6W2ytwyV_bWLUoTPESJ_5qxzIyqXgRW2TkY8JDmIc
Maan Balcita
Kidding aside, I am seriously desperate in doing hardsubbing again.

I am just thinking of doing subbing activities again (soft and hardsub, that is).
The problem is, I forgot how to hardsub, since I had not done any for the past two years, my old computer had been damaged, and I no longer don't know how to install or fix VirtulDub.

For the softsub, I had been using Aegisub and it still works fine for me, it's just that I can't hardsub since I forgot how to.

Can any one help me with this? Or any recommendation on other application to use that is fine with aegisub?

I really appreciate any kind of help. Thank you in advance :)))
Maan Balcita
Title: 愛すればもっとハッピーライフ
[Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life/ If we Love More, It's Happy Life]
Artist: Hey! Say! JUMP
Single: 12th Single [AinoArika/AiSureba Motto Happy Life]
Release Date: February 5, 2014

kinda late but still.. cuteness overloads :]

download pv with 3 subs [kanji/romaji/translation] and 2 audio tracks
track one: original audio [preview]
track two: karaoke only [preview]

[see lyrics with translation]


♥more subbed videos and performances here♥